Beautiful thinks attract humans the most but have you ever imagine that snakes could also attract people by their colors, design, and many more although they are venomous and could let us die. Thinks apart but there are few kinds of snakes, which will bring you to the world of dream as soon as you see. As here are the few snakes, which will not let you believe on your eyes.  


This snake has an extraordinary geometric parent to its scales. They are mildly venomous and opisthoglyphous means they have enlarged teeth located in the rear of the upper jaw.

Asian Vine Snake has its large-scale range from Southeast Asia to indo-china.

These snakes are not much in demand so to be sealed. The snake has so slime body that could obtain any trade or region. According to researches when vine snakes scene dangerous they would remain motionless.

Asian vine is species of snake in the family colubridae native to southern Asia. Its common names include Asian vine snake, boie’s whip snake, Gunther’s whip snake, and oriental whip snake.

This snake is found in Animalia kingdom. This is counted in chordate phylum.

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