Smart Phone Blindness:

Recently we have been hearing a lot of news about smart phone blindness. This has started happening due to excessive usage of smartphones during night time.

Warning – Looking at your smartphone in bed after switching off the lights can lead to temporary blindness.

Solution – The fix is very simple, do not use phone after lights are switched off for a long duration of time. If it is really necessary to check the phone at that time then make sure that both of your eyes are open.

Investigation: The New England Journal of Medicine has recently published on the issue related to smart phone blindness. They have published a report about a 22 year and 40 year lady. Both of them had suffered from temporary blindness from many months. When these ladies approached doctor. They informed that they were experiencing temporary blindness for almost 15 minutes. Doctor asked them for various medical test – MRI scans and heart tests. Event after all these tests no one was able to find root cause of issue.

As per Huffington Post, when Dr Gordon Plant asked them what were they doing when such blindness happened. Their reply solved all the mystery surrounding the blindness. Both of these ladies used to view their phone with one eye in the night. They used to cover their one eye with pillow and the other eye dedicated to smartphone.

The investigation concludes that, if any person grasps artificial light coming out of smartphones in dark with one eyes open then it can lead to blindness for short time (approx. 15 minutes). This issue can happen at any time of day. People who have habit of watching their phone before sleeping and after waking up should be cautious. Our retina is very sensitive, and it adjusts automatically while going from dark to light and vice versa. It adjusts as per light exposure. It takes almost 7 minutes to adjust from darkness to light and it takes almost 30 -40 minutes to go from light to darkness. . If we switch off the light and then suddenly supply light rays from our mobile, then it contracts and expands the retina and it causes havoc.

Conclusion – Do not become slave of technology. Use it as necessity and do not become slaves of it. We cannot stop using smartphones. We should know the current ways to use it. Usage of smartphone should not become an addiction. Like drugs it can also ruin your life.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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