Tell me who will shout first? 4 Criminals caught, being punished


Tell me who will shout first? 4 Criminals caught, being punished

Questions Viral: 4 Criminals are caught and are to be punished. The Judge allows hem them to be freed if they can solve a puzzle. If they do nt, they will be hung. They agreed.

The 4 Criminals are lined up on some steps (shown in picture). They are facing in the same direction. A wall seperates the fourth man from the other three.

So to summarize:-

Man 1 can see men 2 and 3.

Man 2 can see man 3.

Man 3 can see none of the others.

Man 4 can see none of the others.

The criminals are wearing hats. They are told that there are two white hats and two black has. The men initially don’t know what colour hat they are wearing.

They are told to shout out the colour of the hat that they are wearing as soon as they know for certain what colour it is….


The correct Answer is Man 2


1 can not decide, both 2 & 3 are of different color. If 2 & 3 were wearing same colour, 1 would understand that the other color was his. Because  1 did not decide his color, 2 understood that he and 3 are wearing different color. Since he can see 3 wearing black, he was sure that he was wearing white.

2 wait for some time if #1 is answering. Since #1 is not sure he will be silent. hence #2 decides his hat color is different from #3


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