New Year broken Promise 2017: Just before the start of a New Year, most of us make tall promise to start the New Year with a new resolution. However many of us fail to continue with the promises and some do make it, who have the high will to do so.

  1. Loose Weight

It is the common resolution that most of us make, but often fail to make It is just a New Year resolution which breaks with the coming months and before again re-taken over the next year.

  1. Quit smoking and drinking:

I’m never going to smoke from the next year ever, I will never drink again. The common dialogue often made by many people, but breaks very early as the start of the New Year as well.

  1. Exercise

Most of us do plan for a scheduled exercise ahead on the next year. Many even pay advance to the gym fee but are never able to continue once the New Year starts. People start with the first day with the gym and exercise, but their enthusiasm fades over time.

  1. Learn Something New

We all want to learn new things, be it a new technology course, learn playing guitar, or Dance or do photography or simply something related to our professional field, But due to lake of time or other circumstances we could not.

  1. Travel to New Places: Who don’t want to travel to new places, especially with the start of the New Year? But very few of only is able to do so and the rest just keep on thinking and making plans to travel.

But due to tight working schedules and lack of money, we often miss it.

  1. Saving Money

As we saw in our previous resolution, lack of money make us to escape trips to our desired destinations and many other things, so it’s going to be most of us next resolution of New Year to save money.

  1. Get new job:

We need changes and new achievement in life and most of us do so by dreaming of new job and New Year is the best time to make a resolution.

Many are able to do so, but many unable to do so.

  1. Spend less time on Social Media

Now days we mostly spend most of the time only in the facebook, twitter and other social media. It’s a fact that most of us spend our whole day browsing social media and get addicted to them. Many take the resolution and yet fall in doing so.

  1. Spend more time with family: Many tend to spend more and more time with the family member and the New Year is the best time to take this resolution.
  2. Maintain hygiene: We look forward to clean our room and places where we live around, but many of the bachelors fail to do so and the room remains same.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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