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Top 10 Rules to become a famous singer

Many young person around the world at some point of time in their life want to peruse there carrier in singing. Many have talents by berth to become one and many work very hard to achieve it.

Lets us analyze together to see what are the rules that can help one to be good singer.

  1. Determination and consistence:- The first thing for the success in any field is determination, have a determination on your goal and the other is consistency in your approach. To become a successful singer you have to work hard and practice singing for many years to attain a great level in singing.


  1. Overcome your fears:- understanding fear is important and overcoming them is equally important. Success and failure is a part of life so never be afraid of any of them. While growing up you can see many people around successful, think you can also attain the same level and never be demoralized that you are not as perfect. Perfection comes over years of practice.Alway keep going and overcome your fear of failure.


  1. Always start with the best song of your choice:- This will give you a high boost and moral towards your singing talents. People will be more inclined toward you. I.e. better start something good and exiting rather than bad.


  1. Have a control over your breath:- learn to deep breath, it is often required while singing to have a long breath.


  1. List of songs:- have a list of the songs, which you can often sing and practice. Try to rememember the lyrics of each of the songs or not most of the songs.


  1. Sing publically:- as much as possible sing publically, this will give you great confidence.


  1. Teacher:- if you can afford get a guidance of a good music teacher he/she can guide you in you endeavourer. You can learn from the experiences of the teacher and attain more knowledge from him/her. You can also learn different forms of music and singing. Just look your books you study in school there are many thing you can learn from a teacher. You can learn what are the things which can be avoided to prevent you from getting heart, which can affect your singing.


  1. Social media;- learn to utilize the social media like you tube, facebook, twitter and other places. You can promote yourself from learning. Create your own YouTube link and facebook fan page. This will help you connect with the people around.


  1. Learn from criticism; learn from the people who find the faults in your singing and improvise yourself, none of us is perfect and it is better we know this and improve yourself.


  1. Improving: last and not the least always have a goal of improvement and learning in your life.