India, Bangalore - Vijay Nishant (Urban Conservationist) famously known as Tree Doctor in Bangalore (also in India), continues his green work to save Bangalore from becoming treeless. His passions and commitment to save trees has saved a lot of green lives. In return it saves our life with fresh air.

Image - Uprooted tree on the street

Recently he saved a tree and along with his friend Deepthi, who named the tree as ASHA(hope). As per Vijay, this tree rescue operation was one of his toughest job till date in saving a Bauhinia tree (Scientific name - Bauhinia purpurea) in Nagabhavi area in West Bangalore.

Image - Cutting the tree with help from Volunteers.

The problem started almost 3 to 4 months back, when due to some drainage work, Asha (tree name) had fallen on ground and it was almost uprooted from ground. The conscious owner of that house Vasu was concerned about the life of Asha. He made his best efforts to save it and made many calls to concerned authorities so that Asha can be saved. The irony started here, as most of the authorities didn’t see it as a problem. They didn’t see it as an issue as it didn’t block the road and they least cared about saving life of a tree.

Image - Vijay and Deepthi applying medication to Asha

Deepthi Haridas, a good friend of Vijay came to know about this fallen Asha and she felt the pain that Asha was bearing from last 4 months. She asked Vijay for help.

Vijay is a person who has donated his life for the service of trees. He didn’t waste a single moment and visited the site. After his first inspection he realized that the upper part of Asha had started decaying. Termites had already started making home inside the hood. All the leaves were affected by fungal infection (first symptom for the death of Asha). Asha had support from two roots which had kept it alive for so long time.

Image - Vijay fills the pit with required medicines. 

Our Doctor had almost gave up after his first inspection. He believes in God and his god told him that he can save this tree if he believes in himself. It was a very tough call and he informed Deepthi, that he will try his best efforts to save Asha. The rest of the day Vijay spent in collecting required medicines and materials needed to treat Asha.

The saviour arrived the spot next day early morning. Deepthi was always there for support Vijay from the first day. She faced some issues related to getting support from workers who helped them to dig up the pit to make Asha stand again.  The task decided by Vijay was to place Asha again to the same place where she was initially standing. When digging was started, they found a stone slab, and realized that it will be difficult for the growth of Asha. It looked like a major blocker in giving back life to Asha. Vijay told everyone that the stone slab can prone the root which can bring it down again. But, the concerns were soon vanished, as the workers removed that stone slab and found no slabs further.


Once the pit was created, the actual role of Doctor Vijay came into picture. He had to medicate the roots properly. He had to prune the roots and also the upper part of the Asha had to be removed for its proportional growth. Vasu (house owner), made all the arrangement for cutter from Peenya.  Media also gave coverage to this Asha story and so that people also gathered to see this miracle.

Pit was ready and so Vijay had put some mixture of Fungicide and root development solutions inside the pit.  Almost 6 volunteers helped in root cutting. Deepthi also supported in applying liquid bandage to removed branches of Asha.  Then 8 members came together and carried Asha in their hands and placed it back in the pit. Asha stood as if “I am going to live here”. It was a remarkable view.

Image - Asha is back her position.

Congratulations started to flow in the form of good wished for Vijay and Deepthi for all the good work they did. It was not less than a miracle. Vijay and team had given new life to Asha. Other people said that “it's Rehabilitation of tree we can't say it's transplantation”.

This act show's how much everyone wanted this tree to see alive. Vijay assured that he made all required nutrition are mixed with soil is given. Vijay spent almost 9 hours to save Asha and gave a message to the society that where there is Asha there is life. In Deepti words - “ASHA (hope) has given us new hope this is what we stand for”.

Vijay said finally “Love Tree's n Love nature”.

Image - Picture after one week. New leaves can be seen coming back. Life is back to Asha







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