New Delhi: Safety is the most important concern for any person and it is especially more important for girls and women who stay alone or travel more often.  Bad things in life don’t come after invitation but comes without knowledge and at that point of time we feel why we were not ready to face the situation.

Watch the video below which shows all the basic things which can make any women strong and self dependent.

The video starts with warm exercise; the first question is why warm up exercise is needed before any intensive training and especially If it is learning self-defense.

Warm up is important before starting any exercise because it gives the body the basic warm up after which there is less chance of getting any muscle tearing or pain.

A typical Indian girl is often pampered and often not that strong to protect herself against any external threat.

What most of the girls think about self defence

  1. Too Old: Many womens have this second thought in their mind about their age and this keeps them away from learning self defence techniques. However self defence is more about manipulation and mind thinking that why you should be really prepared for any adverse situations.
  2. I am always safe as I go very less out, so I am safe, However many sexual crime against women’s happens at home. Where they are in easy reach of the culprits.
  3. Many women’s think they are always in the company of well educated people, so they are safe. However the attack on any women does not happens based on society. It can happen to anyone , any time , so better be well prepared then becoming a prey.
  4. Many women think they are well dressed, so they are not going to be attacked or sexually harassed. However many attacks happen because the attacker just thinks he can overtake her in the sense of power.
  5. Many girls think they have pepper spray and they can really protect themselves. However sometime it may also go unwary and they can be still attacked easily.

Self Defence Tips and tricks for women

  1. Show the attacker that you have submitted towards him and suddenly strike him back. Pretend/fake of having some nervous attack, heart attack, asthmatic attack and suddenly attack the attacker with full force, to pull him down.
  2. Stay fit enough to run and save your life if it is really needed and never surrender.
  3. When walking on the road, always walk with full attention, knowing what is happening all around. Try to keep your purse in the front of you.
  4. Keep your shoes heel low and especially low jewellery while travelling in public transportation.
  5. Trusting someone doesn’t means you ignore your inner conscience, always follow your inner conscience and fight back if you think there is something going against you.

About The Author

Pravin Pathak is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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