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Viral: Legend Sachin Tendulkar meets Zakir Hussain and Tabla Jugalbandi

Maestro  Zakir Hussain Meets legend Sachin: It was really a happy moment for this two fans, when the legend Sachin Tendulkar meets Legend Zakir Hussain and the crowd became ecstatic in joy. At a event in Mumbai the Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar shared the stage with musical maestro Zakir Hussain.

Both are Masters in their respective fields, Sachin and Zakir hussain did a jugalbandi on stage which was nothing less than a treat to watch for the fans.

The tabla legend Zakir also gave lessons to Tendulkar to match his tunes in the event.

Tendulkar's effort was appreciated by the audience as they kept cheering him on.

Video message of sachin on 9th for the event with ustad Zakir Hussain.