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What are the rules to create a perfect family to work together

What are the rules to create a perfect family to work together?

A family that works together and stays together always progresses in the society. Also each and every family member’s shares equal opportunity for growth. When tough times comes the family that stays together can easily go through the bad phase of the life as each family members know what the other person is capable of and what not and can help him/her in the bad phase.

In today’s generation as it is too much materialistic it has become yet more important to stay together.

  1. Importance of being together: - Satisfaction in life doesn’t come with money or material. It comes with family and friends. Every person in life goes through ups and down and this is the time when you need your family. In case you are happy you need your family to be along side with you to have fun and joy. In case of falilure you need your family more then ever, to support you if in case. Support can come in case of money, mental support, physical support and lots of different ways.


  1. Rules how to stick together
    • Ignore personal egos:- The first golden rule is to move out of your personal egos. Don’t think that you want something and other may not want it. Always be ready to share your things. Family where personal ego is at last always grows.


  • Don’t be stubborn:- it is never late to ask for sorry. Never stick to one point that you know something it is always correct. Look for other opinions and always be ready to improvise yourself.


  • Have trust on one another: - Believe on one another as each one in your family knows of one another strengths and weaknesses. Believe makes you more bonding in one another. Any outsider can’t come and break your family values.


  • Ignore some silly mistakes which everyone makes: - many times we do some silly fights and keep on talking, like unnecessary we keep on saying over small mistakes.


  • Common practice to be a good listener: - it is very important in a family to listen carefully to one another to avoid any confusion among one another. Often problem arises when we don’t listen and have the answer from beforehand.


  • Follow the family rules if any such: - Every family should have a standard rules and regulations which should be followed. For example a family can have a joint family account from where the family day to day activities can be carried out. Rules can be in the form like each family need to take care of certain things like food etc. rules can be like every family member given task to certain activities in the family.