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What are the rules to pursue higher education if in case no money

Getting into college for higher education is a dream of all the students; however some of them are not able to pursue this desire or dream due to lack of money. They don’t know how they can arrange for themselves money which can be used to pay up in this higher school, college.

A college or higher education degree gives a student more opportunities, look for major carrier courses that can helpful in giving you any of below.

Rules or ways you can pursue your higher education even on shortage of money

  1. Education loan from banks: - Now days most of the colleges itself are tied up with banks, to give a student the loan required for the education. Other then this you can apply directly to any of the national banks like SBI, PNB, AXIS, HDFC, ICICI etc. on the basis of documents produced as required by the respective banks. You can easily get a education loan on certain interest per year.


  1. Look for scholarships: - many college give scholarship to deserving students. Check for this type of scholarships if provided by the college and make sure you full fill all the required criteria before applying for the scholarships.. You can also look for some external organization which provide the scholarship, like the state government or some other external organization.


  1. Scholarships can be given based on academic merit, sports participation or based on first come first getting scholarship.
  2. Scholarships can be also based on certan exams organized by the college, university or state.


  1. Part time jobs: - in case you are not able to fall in the above two categories, look for some part time jobs that has flexible timings, so that you can afford your education. You can see for giving tuitions, can work in in shops as part time.


  1. Companies:- many companies after joining provides opportunities and sponsor the candidate for further education. You can look for such companies which can further help you pursuing your higher education.


  1. Saving money:- New devices like phones, cars, laptops and other devices are very expensive. You can avoid having the latest model instead retain what you have and save money which can be helpful in perusing your education. Solution is save the maximum of your money by searching for cheaper options to live. You can go for second hand book, libraries etc to save some more money.


  1. Financial Aid:- It is never wrong in trying in the first place. See if you can get financial help from your close friends, relatives. It can be in the form of money, food, books or clothes or anything which can help you save money and pursue your education.