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what are the rules, ways to avoid your ex girlfriend or boy friend.

Having girlfriend and boy friend is common and also it is common over time we move on with new relationship and have new girl friend or boy friend.

During this period of time many of us are not comfortable with the previous girl friend or boyfriends, we don’t want to be disturbed with the earlier one. However many of the ex boy friend or girl friend never move on, they are still try to be back, they try to message, they try to give a call or often come in the way.

We often try to find suitable ways in which we can avoid them, below we have come up with ideas in which we can avoid our ex girlfriend or boyfriends.

Avoid your previous dating places:- you can stop for sometimes visiting the earlier places you used to visit with your ex, as he/she may be still hopping to the places on order to crash with you suddenly. You can stop visiting the café, multiplexes, your school locker rooms, or the common areas you used to meet often.

Change your contact details:- if you get text messages, calls etc even after informing the other person not to call, you can change your contact details if needed. You should stop replying the messages or calls given to you. The best solution is directly convey the message you don’t want the calls or messages.

Block him/her form social networking sites:- block your ex from facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, hike, whatsapp or any networking sites where he she is also a active member.

Tell a adult:- if everything fails make sure you inform this to some of your family members or adults you can trust. It can be mental disorder or too much obbesiveness of the other person. Might be the elder person you have conveyed help you out of this.

Police case: - if still every thing fell apart, you can file a police case of harrashment. There is nothing wrong in this,after all this is your life you would not want to be harassed by someone.