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What is Rules to drive bicycles to office

Cycling is the best cardio exercise we can do which directly improves our overall health.

As a grown us we are often so busy schedule that we totally ignore our health and think that latter when our job is better or have more money we will improve our health condition, but as we grow in money wise so our needs and its is only a few who are able to achieve what they planned earlier in their life. By the time you plan already your health has gone bad or you are advised by the doctor do some exercise.

To improve this let us all make some good habits, like going to office or work place with your bicycle. However this can be really serious and dangerous while going to office using bicycles as the roads are often not meant for cycle driving or there is no separate lane for cycle drivers. This is because the number of cycle drivers is very less around.

Some rules which you can follow for your safety while driving to office.

  1. Safety first: Must have a bicycle helmet while driving the cycle, if driving at night make sure you have back red light attached in your cycle. You can also have backlight in your helmet
  2. Driving on your left hand side of the road. Just like the bigger two wheelers and 4 wheelers you should be driving on the left hand side of the road.
  3. While going to office look for routes which are not often followed by two or four wheelers, this can help you protect from the dust and rush on the road, try to follow the driving lane made for bicycle riders.
  4. Follow all Road signs, signals, and markings
  5. Never try to overtake from left side of a vehicle.