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what is the rule to take a day off from your daily office work for one day

Everyone in life needs occasional break from office work. Once in a while you many need to just go away and leave the office job. Go home, go anywhere and relax or have a piece of your mind, just you want to leave your office.

Convincing your boss may not be so easy task on this; you have to choose the right moment, right day for this.

Here are rules that can help you in getting the right off from the day.

Right moment: - if your are at office

  1. If you’re going for sick leave, make sure you have not taken it for a long period of time.
  2. Make sure you are not taking a leave immediately after a fight.
  3. Make sure you don’t take leave just before an urgent meeting or call.
  4. Make sure you don’t take off at the time of delivery of project, major releases of projects.

Making ground work: - if you are at office, before taking a leave make your ground.

  1. If you are planning for a sick leave, Let your colleagues working around feel from the start of the day that you are not too well, show yourself little dull.
  2. You can tell some of the people around to make them know you are unwell.
  3. So people around that you are not much interested in extra activities. At lunch you can have less food etc, if you already are having lunch with your colleagues.

Expect a call or give a call:- if you are at home , then you can either expect a call from your colleagues regarding your not coming to office.

  1. It is important if you take a off from office, then either you make a call or email to the senior person that you are not coming to office.
  2. Don’t be in noisy place, so that if you are expecting a call.
  3. Make people believe while talking that you are really sick while talking if you have planned a sick leave.

Other leave you can apply for:-

  1. You can request for a sick leave, like body pain, hand pain etc etc.
  2. If you have kids then you can say some activities related to kids in school.
  3. Some family guests have come suddenly.
  4. Some pooja activities.
  5. Parent coming after a long time.
  6. Some construction happening in front of the house, because of which road is blocked so can’t come.
  7. Water, electric problem at home, could not take bath or do extra activities.
  8. Some theft happened.
  9. My pet animal is sick.
  10. If unmarried, going to see a girl or boy for marriage…