What is Type1 Diabetes and how to deal with it?

Over 5 % of world population suffers from Type 1 diabetes. As I had mentioned in my previous article, Blood suagar is caused due to lack of insulin in human body. And when this insulin is not formed at call, it is known as Type1 Diabetes.

Technically speaking, when someone suffers from type1 diabetes, his/her pancreas stop secreting beta cells. These beta cells are responsible to make insulin. Secondary diabetes is similar to type1 diabetes. The only difference is that there our immune system allows the generation of beta cells through pancreas. If pancreas suffers from some disease or injury then only it stops making beta cells.

Why type 1 diabetes is caused – Truly speaking, then there is no specific condition which could state the occurrence of this disease. Scientists in UK, have confirmed that it is nowhere related to Lifestyle and obesity. Some reasons could be due to genetic behaviour. If someone in your family already has this, then chances are more to get affected. It could also be due to autoimmune reaction (this disorder leads to destruction of healthy body tissues by our immune system by mistake). Autoimmune disorder can also be caused by virus, chemicals and typical food that we consume. Even stress can lead to this disorder.  

Age – Age is not any barrier for type1 diabetes. It has been found at the age below 40. People in older age have also been found suffering from type1.

How to deal with type1 diabetes?

1.      Do yoga on a daily basis – mind control exercises to relax your mind from stress. There are many techniques available on YouTube. Kriya yoga and breathing exercise’s help a lot in this case.

2.      Lead Disciplined Life – Make sure that you follow some rules on a daily basis and adhere to it.

         1.      Early to bed and early to rise.

         2.      Going to walk daily for 30 minutes.

         3.      Monitoring sugar level by controlling your diet – consult dietician what should be consumed.

         4.      Eat less and more frequently

         5.      Do not panic when sugar level goes up drastically, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

3.      Make your of Smartphone – In app store, we have many aps which can guide you on how to manage your type1 diabetes. Make use of it.

4.      Purchase sugar test kits – Buy some sugar test kits and test your sugar level at home.

5.      Never say Goodbye to youself- Life is indeed very tough for people suffering from type1 diabetes. Have patience and believe in yourself. Learn as much as you can. It’s your body and no disease can take control over your body from yourself. Believe that you can defeat it. Love yourself, as the life given by God is very precious. 






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