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Just like smile glows up the face of a person, same way Dipawali is a festival which gives all the Indians light to their faces, their life and the place where they live in. It enlightens you from all way inside to outside.

The diya of Dipawali represents knowledge, hope, truth, victory

As The number of rows of diyas light up every nook and corner of  a house, streets and the whole of India, they turn like the moon to give light to the earth from the inside. It makes look so beautiful, that any one of any religion will love to say … Happy Dipawali. The deepak…the humble earthen lamp on the day of Diwali is the most important thing which we as an Indian look for. It symbolizes the simple ness of  all of the Indian people.

Diya: Each diya , glowing in itself like a soul, sometimes it represent an individual giving light to the society. The eyes love to feast the diya glowing in the dark of the night.

Deep Jyoti: Signifies both the divine who is self-effulgent (the paramatma) and illuminates the entire universe and the soul. Since times, we have yearned for light and the lighting of the diya satisfies that yearning and metaphorically reminds us that:

Truth is like light: it shines through a web of deceit and darkness and stands there with its head held high like the flame that burns upward.

Knowledge is light: True knowledge, right knowledge lights up existence and like light, knowledge is endless.

Hope is light: When there is darkness all around, that little ray of hope makes its way through the smallest crack and illuminates the darkest space at the pace of light.

Light is victory: it vanquishes darkness. On Diwali, the Divine descends in the form of light to reassure mortals that evil (darkness) will be and shall be overcome by good (light).

There is another simple message of the rows of deeps. The shining light is not contained in space – it does not illuminate only she, who lights it, but everything and everyone around. The light from each individual diya does not jostle for space, the light from all diyas merge together seamlessly and bright becomes brighter and brighter becomes brightest.

The light in us is not meant to illuminate only our lives but the entire earth. And the earth has diversity – diversity of human beings and diversity of living beings. They are all meant to live together, there is no real jostling of space and the unity in that diversity is true light, real light.

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