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When we get married we feel this is only our world, we fulfill  all our desires  here but  there are few whose desire never ends. They are never satisfied with one women and long  for more than other women.

For a married men If flirting become their habit and it crosses the limit its time to  warn him that he is married and in any case its not acceptable. But the thing is why this men flirt, Here are few points to discuss about the reason behind flirting.

Some men feel young when they flirt. They don’t want to accept their age so they flirt with young girl or women to look young.

Some try their luck to hang out with other attractive women. If everything is fine they take step further.

One reason could be to make their partner insecure or jealous.

Some men have psychological problem. They have low self esteem, insecurity which lead them to cheat their partner.

Sometime they just do it to seek attention from their male friends and show off their smartness.