This is really amazing. Mr Freddy – The Dog from the Leigh-on-Sea. It’s a beautiful town and civil parish in Essex, England. He is the biggest dog in the world when it stands on its hind legs. It is 7ft 6 inches. Mr Freddy stays with her owner Claire Stoneman

Freddy's weight is 92kgs. He eats food as per his size only. He eats one roast chicken at one sitting. Mr Freddy has his own sofas in the home. 

He has an appetite to match his stature, devouring entire roast chickens in one sitting. And several sofas have been torn apart by the 92kg pet during what could be described as horse play.

Mr Freddy is 4 year-old. His sister’s name is Fleur. They both live with Stoneman.

Stoneman, who has been single "for the best part of four years", said: "They're my life. Everything I do revolves around them. I spoil them in the way I would spoil children."

Freddy has habit to drink water directly from kitchen tap. And he also loves to sprawl on sofa.  Stoneman faces issues while taking Freddy for a walk. Due to his size other dogs start following it and it becomes difficult to handle Freddy.

Stoneman says that "If he wants to run after a dog I wouldn't be able to stop him”. This is the reason she takes him out in small hours to escape from issues.

Freddy’s owner, Stoneman was a former model. Currently she runs a fleet of taxis. As informed by Stoneman, Freddy and his sister cost an eye-watering £12,500 (approx. 10 lakh 48 thousand rupees) to look after each year.


Earlier, the Great Dane from Michigan, Zeus was the biggest dog with 44inches height. He dies two ago. In September 2016, Freddy was confirmed with the height of 40 ¾. Inches. It made him claim the Guinness world record

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