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A Flying Jatt review by Pravin Pathak

Rating: 3/5

Actors: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Amrita Singh, Kay Kay Menon, Nathan Jones and  Gaurav Pandey

In Short: A Flying Jatt  film is watchable and entertaining movie, especially for the young generation and One of the best movie of Tiger Shroff till date.

Story: It is story about Aman Dhillon, played by Tiger Shroff a master arts school teacher and Malhotra, played by KK menon, who runs factories and want to buy a land belonging to the nearby area, including that which stands a banyan tree.

When Malhotra’s hired goon Raka, played by WWA and WWE wrestler Nathan Jones and clash with each other  a fight  combining lightning and an ode to the Sikh religion end up giving Aman his Superman-like strength, his Spidey sense, the gift of flight plus the ability to absorb knowledge and skills at an incredible pace. Since he must remain incognito, Aman takes on the moniker Flying Jatt for his superhero avatar and hence forward the movie continues, no more on the movie story, you should watch this movie only in theatres.

View and suggestion: Tiger Shroff’s performance in this movie is better than the earlier movies, he is adorable and good looking. He loves to be more in front of camera as a dancing star then that of as a actor, which can be seen from this movie. Acting wise still he manages to impress the audience with his simple acting skills

Amrita Singh, over acts in couple of scenes in this film, but for the most part is relaxed and convincing.

Kay Kay Menon though, lays it on too thick to convey his evil intentions. The thing about artistes like him is that you have to console yourself by imagining that they are well aware of their hamming, because they are so darned good when they are not.

Jacqueline Fernandez, good to watch and one can really appreciate her Beat pe booty  dancing song, gave us glimpses of what she might be when she is treated as more than a showpiece.

Mostly the movie is copy paste from Hollywood remakes, but it is better to watch the Indian version of the super hero. Some of the movie scenes can be already seen in Hollywood movies, like the one freeze moment, just like the quicksilver, played in X-Men series movies.

The film’s comedy, occasional inventiveness and aura of innocence are what make it effective in its own way, despite the lack of depth.

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