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In Short, Baaghi movie is enjoyable and appreciable to see a new hero in control of his body and martial arts. The first half will remind you a Indian rebale, while the second half will some how relate to tony jaa’s tom yum goong.

Rating: 2/5


Story: Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) and Siya (Shraddha Kapoor) are born baaghi who falls in love amidst the refreshing green of Kerala forests and serene lakes. Their love story is picture-perfect until Raghav (Sudheer Babu) also falls in love with her and it is so much that the entire movie goes on the same theme.

Pravin Review: the movie was fun to watch, to see the young actors trying there best to do martial arts action. Tiger Shroff looks to be convincing in the action sequences. The name of the movie and the movie does not support each other. First we don’t find any real spark between the lead pairs, that why they should be in love. Some how we can relate tony jaa movie with this one.  If you have seen the tom yum goong running chase sequence of Bangkok and the action sequences, it can be easily identified.

The movie can be best remembered as tiger Shroff action sequences apart from this there is nothing much to watch.

Suggestion: you can watch at least once for the action sequences done by the actors.

Trailer: If You have not seen the trailer you see the official trailer here



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