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Many exciting things are happening in Big Boss house. This week Rohan Mehra the house captain was asked to tell the weakest performer of the house and as it was not surprising he gave Om Swami’s name and it doesn’t go well with Om Ji and he started abusing Rohan and questioned his Khandan and Sanskar but Rohan didn’t lost his patience and remained calm but Dad could not stop in showing his displeasure

Here’s what he said:

“ The limit has been crossed. People do lose their sanity when confined in the house but never before has Bigg Boss witnessed this kind of insanity. Om Swami has crossed his line this time but good to see everyone unite and stand against him. I’m hoping Salman will give him his piece of mind. Rohan is a sensible boy. I was relived to see him keep his cool and handle the whole situation without having to stoop down to his level. But it’s time Swami mends his ways before people start losing their cool.”

Let’s see how Salman bring this all drama to the coming episode on Friday

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