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Mumbai, Arun Gawli: Who may not be knowing Arun Gawli and his trademark cap.

Watch the trailer here

Arjun Rampal turning into the shoes of Arun Gawli, for his upcoming Movie Daddy. The teaser is worthy to watch, just as Arjun Rampal, Sitting inside the prison dressed in a white kurta pyjama and donning his trademark Gandhi cap, while the policeman poses some tough questions at him.

Gawli, with his head down, answers the questions with all his swagger and style. It's only when he is asked his name, he lifts his head up, makes a direct eye contact and utters, "Arun Gulab Gawli." It's at this moment that you get to see Arjun's intense eyes, which is the highlight of this teaser.


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