Logan movie review: Wolverine Hugh Jackman’s final movie changes the face of this superhero movies forever. It is also a splendid farewell to the most iconic X-Men character and Hugh Jackman as wolverine and it deserved.

Director - James Mangold
Cast - Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Stephen Merchant and Hugh Jackman
Rating - 4.5/5

Top ten reasons why you should definitely watch this movie, movie reviews, story and actors

Reason 1:  

Starting with a small Quote

The Sunset was on its way, the curtain fell down and the Night was in its way.

You left me that day those days still on my way…

No doubt this movie is one of the best movies and the final chapter of Wolverine and Hugh Jackman, The sunset is surely on its way and this move will leave you with a nostalgic feeling and Wolverine going into the sunset forever. Definitely you should not miss the sunset of the Hero you have been seeing for the last 17 years. The first Movie came in the year 2000.

Reason 2: You have seen multiple times Wolverine in nine of the ten movies came under this banner. However this movie is not about watching this fine actor and the character, it is all about how we say a perfect bye and farewell to wrap up a series like this.

Reason 3: The reason why Wolverine should keep on fighting, the next reason for Hugh Jackman is none other but a girl who not more than 10 years old. She is a new mutant. Logan thought none more would be possible. The girl bears powers just like him, of claws embedded in her knuckles and also her feet.  Much enough reason to think she is the Heir to him.

Reason 4 (Story): This movie is set in 2029. No mutants have been born for the last 20 years and these mutants have become like a folktales, legends being read only in comic books and movies. All has been perfectly shot and presented again to give a glimpse how to wrap up a perfect ending to and bid farewell to Wolverine. He makes some money, which is further used in the form of medicine for his friend Charles, Professor X. Living together near Desert, until they are finally found out but someone who is supposed to be the heir of Logan, Laura arrives as Charles says she is just like him.   

She wants to go to thousands of miles where there is a safe haven for other mutants like her. Logan takes the girls responsibility to take her to North Dakota. They steal a car, grab some snacks, and take to the road to the final destination.

Reason 5 (Director Mangold): The different in the movie comes from the director. Unlike other superhero movies the director James Mangold has dealt with the subject in the best possible way without hesitating to show his ageing superheroes, who go into battle and fighting their own inner demons. He knows to depict movie character raw as much as possible.

Reason 6 (Hugh Jack Man): The highlight of the film is no doubts Jackman’s best performance to justify his farewell. He knows it is his swan song and he exits with a flourish, an unforgettable end to a remarkable Journey. You just don’t need to be a comic superhero fan to enjoy this movie. Watch this movie for the outstanding performances by Hugh Jackman. This one’s a gripping finale to Wolverine’s immortal journey.

Reason 7: The movie is all about a new character Laura and how she gets connected with this two mutants and the movie moves forward.  This movie is all about aging wolverine who crates for himself, there is no grin on his face unlike the previous movies when we have seen wolverine killing 10 and 20’s of people together. Here is gets almost beaten to death and with no healing power.

Reason 8 (Patrick Stewart): This movie will be as well also known as for the best performance of Patrick Stewart, Professor Charles Xavier. The grumpy old man who don’t want to give up.  He does it again and again always trying to save a life.

Reason 9: This is more of a dialogue driven movie. This is not a action movies, but the action comes in a sequence action comes, sadness comes as a slow form, there is nothing like popup or sudden. Action is not just for the sake but for the progression and for the end of the movie and the character.

Reason 10: From a critic point of view and Ayupp, we would definitely say this is a great film. It’s all about the character giving their best dialogue and meaning to the movie. Pay attention to the dialogue because the dialogue tells the story to their past.  If you don’t pay attention to the Dialogue you would not enjoy this film. Watch out for a better movie story for a superhero character done after a long time. Watch out the song in the trailer below.

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