NetFix, Iron Fist – Marvel plans to release its first series on Netfix. They found no one better than the Character Danny Rand. This super hero has the power to –

He is master in martial arts. The power zone is his Iron Fist, a concentration of his chi in his fist Greatly enhanced physical attributes. He also has healing powers along with telepathic mind fusion.

Short description of video –

Danny Rand (Finn Jonnes), who was assumed to be dead in a plane crash, returns back to New York city to repossess his company, which is his birth right. Unfortunately, it is already occupied by some people who don’t like him and are in no mood to return his empire. The super hero has to choose between his ancestral properties or to use the power of Iron fist to save the New York City.

The trailer looks good and full of action.

The character Iron Fist, was created for Marvel Comics by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane.

Marvel’s Iron Fist will be premiered exclusively on Netfix on 17th march

Enjoy the video:

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