Movie Name: Raabta

Director: Dinesh Vision

Star cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanan, Rajkumar Rao, Jim Sarbha, Varun Sharma

Duration: 2 hours 34 minutes


Rating: 3 stars

Raabta Movie Review: Now after producing many films like Cocktail, Agent Vinod, Hindi Medium, Dinesh Vision tried hand in the direction and the new movie has come up with  'Raabta'. The Movie is based on the Love Stroy and relationship of rebirth with Sushanta Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon together. There was also a controversy surrounded around this movie, that it was a copy of South's Indian movie  'Magadhera'. But that case also came in suppport  of the movie Raabta. Today the story of the movie Raabta was released. Let's know.


The story of Raabta is about two lovers - Shiva and Saira who also loved each other in their previous life, but circumstances separated them from each other. Even in this birth, they meet each other, love, but then the same situation happens that both fall apart. Whether the incomplete love story of previous birth is fulfilled in a new birth,  that is all the movie the film Raabta is based upon.

The story of the film begins in Punjab where the family of Shiv Kakkar (Sushant Singh Rajput) comes to leave the airport because he has found a job in a bank of Budapest. Shiva meets Saira Singh (Kriti Sanon) at a chocolate store as soon as she gets to Budapest. From here, the interaction begins between the two, from the store to the bedroom of Saira. But the story started with Flirt is transformed into love.

But on day in a party, they come in face with businessman Zakir Merchant (Jim Sarbh), the story moves back into the past birth relationship. The story goes to the flashback and there is a different world in front of you. King, the queen fight is everything, and again the story comes back from the flashback in the present day and whether or not Shiva-Saira's love story takes place. You will have to watch the movie to know this.

Weak Links

Talking about the weak side of the film, it seems that the writer believed that the film should show less, tell more about it. A movie which tells stories through artists on the curtain does not look anywhere in the film. The events occur in the film so quickly that until you can believe in one thing, the second event happens. In the film, Shiva, who is shown as a Ladykiller, looks at Saira and starts loving her. On one side, Saira starts loving with Shiva instantly. If you talk about the film, then the film does not succeed in saying the story of both the births in the effective way.

- The movie starts well, but it is not able to tell the sequential events happening, behind when it is happening. You cannot find the answer to many of the questions. After the interval, when the story goes in the flashback, then there is a different type of conjunction in the story. Particularly confuse the style of interaction between the characters of that period, which has to be heard with great care. These characters could be better decorated.

While watching the film, you feel that making a maker was something else but there became something else that made it special, due to which there was a special need to work on the screenplay. Many incidents happen in Budapest. In the chocolate store suddenly two strangers are engaged in things. The story reaches the island. Many incidents occur in the ocean from the island, all this seems very fictional and very fictitious in the twenty-first century.

- Dinesh Vision's previous films like Cocktail, Hindi Medium Music was very good, but this time Raabta's music did not get hit before the release. Only title track and 'Ek Vari' were heard everywhere.

- There is flashback disrepair in the story of the film; it would have been more interesting if it was either baked in today or in the period. Now it is a word that Mirizia, Love Story 2050, comes from the film. Looks like the directors wanted to make something but made something different.

Something like this, in the final film 'Raabta', the masterpiece's onscreen look

Why can i see this movie?

Sushant Singh Rajput has performed the role of present day and past, and seeing them, it seems that the hard work will be done in this preparation. There has been much better performance than the previous films. Rajkumar Rao's look is amazing, but if he was shown talking in a clear tongue, then that character would have been more interesting. Varun Sharma's presence is similar to his every movie, something is not different. The presence of Jim Sarbha may not be acceptable to everyone, but it is good to try. In terms of visual, the film is quite rich.

Box office

The film's budget is being reported as about 55 crores and it is being released in India in more than 1500 and abroad 330 screens. Due to star cast like Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanan, the film is likely to get bumper opening.

Acting: Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who made a fight in Bollywood through his excellent acting, could not show the charisma and charm in the film, who has watched the audience in his previous films. Jim Sarab's dialogue payment is quite bad. At the same time, actress Sainon is able to attract viewers to her acting and looks.

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