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Ram Gopal Verma Movie Sasikala, Palanisamy picked from manargudi mafia

Tamil Nadu, RGV: Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is planning for his next biopic in Sasikala, The AIADMK General Secretary Sasikala. He has promised to show shocking  truth behind her relation with late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa in the movie.

Daring to go against the Tamil Nadu Politics, the ACE filmmaker without any fear and going to make a movie on Sasikala, is truly a great news for Tamil People

Poes garden's gardener told me majority MLAs supporting Palanisamy becos they all are handpicked by Sasikala from members of manargudi mafia

Truth behind Jayalalitha and Sasikala relationship,what Poes garden servants told me is unimaginably shocking and I wil show it in my film

I somehow have this very extremely strong feeling that Jayalalitha's spirit will come into Sasikala's jail cell and

"Sasikala" is going to be the story of the story behind Sasikala in front of Sasikala and only Manargudi mafia members will understand this

Don Vito Sasikala Corleone of the Manargudi Mafia Family ..She doesn't even offer for you to refuse

Criminals controlling gangs from jail far lesser than Don Sasikala controlling TN ppl through Mannargudi Mafia guy Palanisamy..Jai TN/India

If Mannargudi mafia controlled Palani swamy becomes CM of TN,obviously Don Vito Sasikala Corleone will b running Govt from inside jail

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