The third motion picture in the Marvel Avengers series, Avengers: Infinity War will be filmed in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands.

Filming for the £400 million superhero comic-book blockbuster will begin on February 28th, and is expected to get over in another six months, boosting Scotland's economy by £10 million.

A Disney and Marvel coordinated effort, the motion picture will highlight an elegant cast, with Hollywood geniuses, for example, Samuel L Jackson, Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson all taking lead parts.

Benedict Cumberbatch will come back to the film as Dr Strange, who played in the 2016 motion picture of a similar name. Liv Tyler, of Lord of the Rings acclaim, to return as Betty Ross, who she hasn't played since the Incredible Hulk, and Inverness-born Karen Gillian is assumed to be playing as a supervillain Nebula.

It is believed that Infinity War will be the biggest motion picture ever constructed in Scotland, overshadowing Brad Pitt's 2011 zombie film World War Z, which had a cast of 1800 and produced £3.3 million for the Scottish economy in the 17 days it was recorded in Glasgow.

The Scottish Labor culture representative Lewis MacDonald said: "The reality such a successful establishment will be recorded in Scotland will energize the fans additionally give great boost to the economy.

The third Avengers superheroes motion picture is one of 2017's most profoundly anticipated after the past two movies netted £3 billion in the cinema world.

A hybrid comic-book film, it will highlight superheroes including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk, and is set to be released in the UK on February 28.

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