Dear Zindagi: Recently the movie dear Zindagi was released and this movie showed a lovely combination of Shah Rukh khan and Alia Bhatt. However the makers abstained from showing many of the scenes then and come out once again and released the new scenes from the movie on YouTube.

And believe me If you liked Dear Zindagi and the message it tried to convey, Dona Maria.

A story of Dona Maria who for a greater part of her life lived among men being disguised as a man which she later rediscovers herself as a woman.

The scene is narrated by Jehangir Khan narrating the story and later telling the ever confused, lost Kaira that in life one has to discover one selves on their own and face inner demons on their own.

Though a nice and beautiful scene, which was edited and perhaps removed to give the move dear Zindagi a crisp movie.eiiiiiij


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