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If you thought animated films only offer light-hearted entertainment for kids, watch Borrowed Time. The short film by two Pixar animators weaves a darker, but heart-rending tale of human emotions.

Working on their own time, Lou Hamou-Lhadj & Andrew Coats​, made this film over a period of 5 years, while being a part of films like Brave, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur. However, this particular venture was a little different as they wanted the story of Borrowed Time to deal with more complex emotions.

“Having worked on family films with a lot of heart and comedy, we wanted to do something outside of our comfort zone: a serious, action drama. We knew this would be a huge challenge for us,” Hamou-Lhadj said in a video on the making of Borrowed Time.

As Variety reported, the film has won several awards and accolades, including Best Animated Short at the St Louis Film Festival, the Grand Jury Prize at the Nashville Film Festival and Best in Show at Siggraph, all Academy Award qualifying events. It has also been named as the Best Short Film for "its beautiful visuals in the service of telling an emotional story".


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