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This is Tisca Chopra Adil Hussain first short film together and is called Chutney. Relly creepy while the end approaches.

This short film running on youtube is watched over by more than 1,722,429 viewers, was released only today on Tuesday, 29 November. You can surely know the after watching why it has become so famous in just a short time.

Short review for a short creepy movie

Shot in Delhi, the film appears to be a simple story of a housewife, her husband who has roving eyes and their newly married neighbor who on a visit to their house one morning discovers a very dark secret of the house.

During watching the whole short movie you will feel somewhere the suspense should come out, you wait and wait, until the last second of the movie. You will really know why it is called chutney. Surely you can have one.

You can watch it here on the youtube link

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