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New Delhi, Ranveer Singh: Watch how old Baba Ramdev easily picks Ranveer Singh, in the video from at AajTak's fifth edition of Agenda 2016 in Mumbai city.

As Ranveer Singh can be seen entertaining the guests here, he spotted Baba Ramdev and invited him to shake a leg on stage and kept on insisting until baba obliged to his demands,

However, Ranveer Singh asked the audience to cheer for him if they wanted to see Ramdev dance. Thereafter, Ramdev mentioned that he can shake a leg on 'yoga dance' which Ranveer might not understand.   

Ranveer was indeed shocked and surprised to see Ramdev move with such energy and so fast and bowed down in front of him. He too tried a few steps of 'Surya Namaskar' though. In the end, Ramdev picked up Ranveer Singh on stage and the audience could not stop hooting.

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