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1 crore Bounty on Kerala CM: FIR against Kundan Chandrawat

INDORE: Things gone bad for Kundan Chandrawat A day after a video of RSS official Chandrawat speech announcing a bounty of Rs 1 Crore on the head of CM Pinarayi Vijayan went viral, he was sacked as the Sangh’s Ujjain Mahanagar sah-prachara pramukh on Friday and even Ujjain police on Friday filed an FIR against RSS leader Kundan Chandrawat.

The FIR was filed against Kundan Chandrawat at Madhav Nagar police station under Section 505 1 (B) of the IPC for making statements with intent to cause fear in public where any person may be educated to commit an offence against the state or against the public tranquility.

Earliar Rss Madhya Pradesh sacked Kundan due to confusion being created and due to his speech he was relieved of his duties with the RSS.

Kundan Chandrawat, at a protest function by Jan Adhikar Samiti on March 1, 2017, alleged and  held Vijayan the Kerala CM responsible for killing of 300 RSS workers in Kerala and in enthusiasm offered to hand over his property worth over Rs 1 crore to whoever beheads Vijayan and brings his head.

Chandrawat, had already withdrawn his statement and expressed his regret, had also referred to Godhra incident and subsequent riots in Gujarat and threatened the Left leaders saying that 3 lakh people will be slain to exact revenge for killing 300 RSS workers.

 The RSS state chief also appealed to people that Chandrawat's statements should not be considered RSS' official stand.

RSS Madhya Pradesh official Prakash Shastri made it clear that Chandrawar statement did not made it clear that chandrawat’s statements did not reflects the RSS views.