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Bengaluru: Soon after Narendra Modi when he blasted the Karnataka government led by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, the CM of Karnataka hit back strongly at the PM saying he was "morally not fit" to be prime minister.

He did not speak as prime minister. He has uttered a tissue of lies and made baseless and irresponsible allegations," Siddaramaiah said in an angry rebuttal to a litany of charges by PM Modi at a BJP rally in Bengaluru on Sunday.

 "If they have evidence to prove, let them furnish the documents under which project or scheme corruption happened," the chief minister said. The Karnataka BJP came with a sharp reply to the Congress claims


Hallmark of 10%CM @siddaramaiah government is the absence of any grand vision for the state. Siddaramaiah has availed more debts than all previous Chief Minister's put together. However, the money has not been put to build long term assets or infrastructure.

Karnataka had not witnessed a more apathetic & anti farmer government before. Only if CM @siddaramaiah had spent half the money he spends on advertising himself as a pro farmer leader on actually helping farmers, 3500 plus farmers would be alive today.

All that 10% CM @siddaramaiah has done over the past 5 years is to repackage programs launched & funded by PM Modi & rebrand it with his photograph. There has not been one single novel & innovative scheme that CM Siddaramaiah can claim to be his original.

One survey after another has found 10% CM @siddaramaiah as running the most corrupt government in India. Yet, to hide his own massive corruption & the 67 cases pending against him before multiple investigation bodies, @INCKarnataka indulges in a slander campaign against @BSYBJP

PM Modi has made India a power surplus country & has taken great strides in rural electrification. K'taka however fares poorly compared to economically poorer states like Haryana in rural electrification, thanks to @Siddaramaiah's

Under CM @siddaramaiah K'taka has witnessed it's worst ever government. Overall economic growth as well as ease of doing business has seen a steady fall. Many companies have left Bengaluru due to pathetic infrastructure & insensitive governance.

‘10% CM' @siddaramaiah today addressed a press conference where be presented a few half truths as gospel. Here, we shred into pieces his ill baked arguments, one by one.

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