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40 Congress MLAs Gujrat Playing Golf in Eagleton Resort Bangalore

Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore

                Congress party needs support of 47 MLA’s to nominate their candidate for Rajya Sabha.

40 have been moved to resort out of 51.

What about remaining 11?

Question remains unanswered

Eagleton Golf resort is located on Bangalore Mysore Highway. Are these MLA's playing Golf here? Not sure. Do you think that by giving VVIP treatment to MLAs will stop them from quiting party? We dont think so... Let the Congress leadership delve deeply on this matter.

The power of BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) seems to have threatened the entire congress party. On 8th of August, election are supposed to be held for 3 Rajya sabha seats. BJP is the biggest party in the state assembly and they have projected Amit Shah and Smriti Irani for the two seats. From congress side they have nominated Ahmed Patel ( he is political secretary to Sonia Gandhi) for the third seat.

In last 2 days, 6 MLA’s have resigned from the party. The current tally states that have confidence of 51 MLA’s to support them for Rajya sabha poll. The total strength of Rajya sabha is 182. So, the biggest problem is yet to arrive for congress as they have only shifted 40 MLAs to Bangalore, What about remaining 11. Are they going to join BJP? A big question mark still haunts the party which is trying to keep its stake alive throughout India.

To project its candidate, congress needs support from atleast 47 MLAs (congress and its allies). Lets wait and watch how many Candidates Congress party can hold with themselves. We hope after playing golf they get motivated to stay in party :P.