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New Delhi: City names are constantly changing in India these days.  The next number in number can be of Shimla, the queen of mountains. In Himachal Pradesh, a campaign has begun to change the name of Shimla to 'Shyamala'. Recently, the UP Government has re-named Allahabad to Prayagraj.

BJP leader and State Health Minister Vipin Singh Parmar said that earlier the city names were based on the mythological basis, there is no harm in retaining those names. Regarding the ongoing debate about Shimla's name, He said that if people's opinions are made about it, then there is no harm in considering this.

It is worth mentioning that different parties are coming out on social media for changing the name of Shimla over the past several days. Some people are in favor of it and some are also protesting. Himachal Pradesh Congress leader Harbhajan Singh Bhajji questioned the exercise of changing the name of Shimla, "What is the justification?"

He said that Shimla's name should not be changed at all. This is a historic city and by changing such names, the historical things will end. Bhajji said what is wrong in Shimla name? What will be the development by renaming the name, instead the government should focus on development.

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