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Amma's soul told me to inform this to the people of the state, O Pannerselvam

Chennai, Panneerselvam vs Sasikala: It looks like the steps ahead for Sasikala is not so easy as Openly rebelling against her by Jayalalithaa's close aide and AIADMK general secretary Sasikala, The Tamil Nadu three time Chief Minister O Panneerselvam said on Tuesday that he was continuously humiliated and forced to resign from the post of Chief Minister.

He also hinted that he might withdraw his resignation if people of Tamil Nadu and party cadres so desired.

The significant thught came to his mind after praying for about 40 minutes at Jayalalithaa's memorial at Marina Beach tonight.

Panneerselvam said:

"I came to Amma's memorial and sat silently in meditation, to search my conscience. Amma 's (Jayalalithaa)  spirit asked him to reveal some truth to the people of Tamil Nadu. When she was alive, Amma  called me and said pick someone the people will accept". 

He further said after almost 70 days when Jayalalithaa was in Apollo hospital Sasikala had discussion with him about how to run the party and the government if something uneventful happened to Jayalalithaa. Panneerselvam said he was distressed then and asked her what the need to discuss these issues was.

"When late Jayalalithaa was in the hospital and her health was not good, I was said we have the responsibility to save the party and government. I was first told Madhusudhanan should take over as general secretary. I did not accept. I opposed it. We all went and asked Chinnamma to take the post of general secretay and she agreed,".

Pannerselvam said, "I told them I was happy to have stepped aside for Amma when she was alive. I told them they can appoint whoever they want. I accepted the post only after they told me if I don't accept it will bring disrepute to the party”.

On the sequence of events Panneerselvam said,

  1. On the second day of taking over as CM, health minister told me Diwakar wanted to say something to me.
  2. It was then that Vardah cyclone came, it was set right in four days. It was done as Amma's wished. This upset them.
  3. We also had water scarcity problem. We knew that AP had water. We met N Chandrababu Naidu (Andhra Pradesh CM) to get some water. He immediately gave it."
  4. "Next came Jallikattu. I met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and explained the situation.
  5. While I was meeting PM, on the other side Thambidurai took 50 MPs and came to meet the PM.
  6. Revenue Minister RB Udhayakumar said Sasikala should take over as chief minister, when I was the CM.
  7. While I was doing my duty, Revenue Minister gave an interview to media that Chinnamma should be CM," he went on to say.
  8. I asked whether it is right that a minister who works for the CM should be saying this. I said that there will be trouble if this keeps up.
  9. I was told on phone that Udayakumar has been disciplined. Sellur Raju told me he didn't agree with Udayakumar, then he went to the hills and said the same thing. I'd said the Governor will ask me to prove majority if you give interviews like this."

"The entire country is shocked with the way the AIADMK is running. Why did they make me CM to insult me? I was given the CM post but insulted continuously. I have been told to be patient. I am patient only, always have been. Not even my smallest action should harm the party." he said.

We have to take Amma's legacy forward I came to know that there was a meeting of the MLAs. I didn't have information. I was informed that Sasikala should take over as CM. When I asked what the necessity is, they told me one person should have both posts."

"In public life, one has to tolerate insult. I also adopted patience because I felt the party and the government should not suffer because of my actions," he said.

"Amma's soul told me to inform this to the people of the state," Panneerselvam said in the end. 

Just after his revolt, Pannerselvam was removed from the post of AIADMK's treasurer and Dindigul Sreenivasan was appointed in his place.

Sasikala Pushpa, expelled AIADMK MP, "welcome this step, very happy. Truth never fails.

She had demanded earlier that she be prevented from occupying the post and sought immediate intervention of PM Modi. How can people accept Sasikala as CM? An educated (person) should rule the state," she said, adding the state's image will take a beating if she became the CM," Pushpa had told reporters in the national capital, as per PTI.

Pushpa also said she had recently filed a complaint with the Election Commission contending that the election of Sasikala as AIADMK general secretary was not conducted as per procedure.

DMK's MK Stalin said, "Sasikala Natarajan didn't allow CM Pannerselvam to work freely, this is what DMK has been telling and same has been said by OPS."

"Person who has been administered oath of office by Governor was threatened to tender resignation. Those who did this deserve strict action. Because there is a situation where there is no govt in existence, Governor must take steps to establish a stable government," he added.

Meanwhile, as per ANI Tamil Nadu Governor will not go to Chennai tomorrow and Panneerselvam will remain interim CM until he examines legal implications regarding Sasikala's appointment.

When Panneerselvam resigned and Sasikala was elected AIADMK Legislature Party leader:

Panneerselvam had rendered his resignation on February 05 as Tamil Nadu CM citing 'personal reasons', setting the stage for takeover of Sasikala, who was elected as legislature party leader earlier that day, as chief minister of state.

 "Due to my personal reasons, I am tendering my resignation from the post of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Kindly accept my resignation and relieve the Council of Ministers of Tamil Nadu appointed by me on December 6, 2016," he had said in a letter addressed to Governor CH Vidyasagar Rao.

In a separate but near-identical letter, Panneerselvam had thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Governor Rao for all the support and cooperation extended by them during his term.

The MLAs had unanimously elected her as their leader.

She had said that the development had come "shattering the expectation of our political opponents that there will be a split in the party after the demise of our Amma (Jayalalithaa)."

Sasikala had a special word of praise for the Panneerselvam and had stated, "whenever the party faced tough times and whenever there were difficulties in Amma becoming the CM, it was our dear brother Panneerselvam who has been loyal."

Panneerselvam was appointed as Chief Minister on the night of December 5 within hours of the death of Jayalalithaa.

Panneerselvam was the stop gap Chief Minister twice, first time when Jayalalithaa was unseated following a Supreme Court order in 2001 and when she was convicted in a disproportionate assets case in 2014.

When Jayalalithaa was at the helm, Sasikala was considered to yield a huge clout behind the scenes.

Sasikala, also known as 'Chinamma', emerged the party's numero uno when she was elected as AIADMK general secretary on December 31 last year.

(Inputs from zeenews)

After OPS`s revolt Sasikala says AIADMK united

Soon After ex Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam on Tuesday late evening said to have been forced to resign as the head of government, AIADMK General Secretary V.K. Sasikala addressed the press dismissing all his claims.

she said  "I did not force Panneerselvam to do anything, what he is saying is not correct,".

Going ahead she blamed the opposition party DMK for the confusion that was currently taking place. DMK is behind O Pannerselvam

On being asked if the party would remove Panneerselvam from all posts, Sasikala confirmed that the move to expel him even from AIADMK's membership will be taken.