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Appeasement politics: Arvind Kejriwals Rs 1 Crore Compensation Offers to Ex-Jawan's Family

India, Bhiwani (Haryana): The Chief Minister of Delhi on Thursday announced Rs 1 crore financial assistance to the family of a retired soldier, Ram Kishan (Grewal) who killed himself demanding the OROP's implementation. at his funeral in Bhiwani, Haryana.

BJP questioned It as political opportunism? Keeping an eye on reaching out to the Punjab electorate in the forthcoming elections, simultaneously touching the hearts of the armed services community; simulaniously to attack the Prime Minister, modi that he is ‘anti-national’ and ‘anti-armed services’.

The big question is had kejriwal done this from his personal money, and the answer is NO. the funds are from the exchequer of the Delhi government, which is highly subsidised by the national exchequer!

Every Indian sees the armed forces with high esteem and more of the political parties uses them as the vote bank politics, chances are there that over time soldiars will be also seen as a vote bank and appeasement will be more on them. Already we have so much appeasement vote bank politics going on in our society. From distributing free laptops, cash, jewellery  to other goods distributed in the name of gifts and upliftment.

Kejriwal said, "The whole nation will now continue to fight for the implementation of OROP and we will force the government to implement it for our soldiers”.

He added that the money being given as compensation -- in line with a Delhi government policy -- was a small amount and meant to be a gesture for martyrs.

The judiciary, the armed forces and Constitutional agencies like the CEC, the CAG  are held in great respect by every Indian. They should not be brought in any as subject of attention with narrow political and vote bank interests of individual politicians, who are keen to score brownie points in and out of season against their political opponents.

OROP update.

In the present case, while all the facts are not well known, the knowledge which we have gives us knowledge that there is a significant delay in sanctioning a portion of the pension which was due to the ex-serviceman – it an be based on lax administration or based on OROP anomaly interpretation or another related reason is not factually clear. Nearly in every state and central agency, mal administration is rampant – indeed it is the exception that carries the day, not of meeting the legitimate entitlements and claims of the ex-serviceman, ex-civilian employee, teacher, farmer – indeed the average citizen – each one is victim at different times to the other agencies of an inefficient, corrupt and callous administration, at the Centre or the state.

Laks of farmers have committed suicides all over India in the over the decade, many due to failure of the monsoon, or large policy gaps concerning lack of credit, or for wrong introduction of GM (Genetically Modified crops), pension or transport office, corruption at lower courts, callousness in the hospital – the list is endless – will political parties like AAP, Kejriwal sanction Rs 1 crore to the family of each victim? Almost certainly he will, if he believes in each case, that it will create a credible link to get a segment of a vote bank.

The biggest concern we the people of india must have is to distinguish between vote bank politics and real work done on the ground.