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Are Farmers becoming the puppet of opposition in Madhya Pradesh?

New Delhi: What has happened in Madhya Pradesh is unfortunate and explanation is needed to know what went wrong and how the farmers died. If you ever think of smiling farmers in India, that state may be Punjab. In the school books, it has been repeatedly mentioned that Punjab is the leading state in our country. When talk of weak farmer is in talk the farmers of Bundelkhand comes first.

Now once again a farmer is dead. This time the place is Madhya Pradesh. The incident of Mandsaur is the main news all over the country at this time. Shivraj Singh Chauhan is a projected as villain almost everywhere in country by the opposition and soon Narendra Modi’s name will also be brought up. The round of criticisms will continue and it should be as Shivraj is the CM of the state.

In his government, farmers were being targeted, now targeting the Shivraj

After the incident of Mandsaur, first news came from the MP government that the farmers died due to bullets fired by them and then by the evening compensation was announced by the state government. Then the compensation amount was increased to 1 crore. This all increases the suspicion more that there is really something fishy behind the death of the farmers.

Congress general secretary and former CM Digvijay Singh of the state is completely aggressive on the state government.

Digvijay Singh is demanding CM's resignation. Actually politics is a game where seeking the resignation of the ruling party is in the first priority of opposition leaders. Digvijay Singh is doing so many attacks on Shivraj today, but he must not forget the Multai bullet case in his Chief Ministerial time in 1998 where more than 24 innocent farmers were shot.

Twenty nineteen years ago (January 12, 1998) in Madhya Pradesh, 24 farmers were killed in police firing at Multai Tehsil premises of Betul district, while 150 people got injured due to fire.

At that time there was a Congress government in Madhya Pradesh and the Chief Minister was Digvijay Singh. The slaughtered farmers tried to reach their demands through the demonstrations, but police gave their answer to the bullet. Those who understand the politics of MP deeply believe was the biggest attack on the farmers in the country so far.

This incident had a great impact on the state's politics and Digvijay Singh could not come back to power again in CM's chair. Now perhaps Digvijay seems to have seen quite a political prospect in this incident. Now the exercise of the new way to become a messiah of the farmers continues.

This movement was started by the Sangh's own farming organization.

Shivanta Dixit, Amazingly, the recent Kisan movement in Madhya Pradesh was started by the Bhartiya Kisan Association (BKS), a farmer organization of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

His had thirteen point demands. The main demand was to fix the minimum support price. The agitation started on June 1 ended on June 4 when CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan accepted ten out of 13 demands. It was said on behalf of BKS that the government has accepted most of their demands. Now we are withdrawing the movement.

BKS organization minister Shivkant Dikshit, said to a leading news media in the conversation with FirstPost that some people are misguiding the movement. We started the movement. We wanted to talk to the government about the farmers and CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan had accepted most of our suggestions. After this, the movement in the areas of Neemuch and Mandsaur became absolutely violent. The pills went on to the farmers. We condemn it. But one thing is to understand that some people want to give this movement a political color, it does not have anything to do with the benefit of the farmers.

Now if Shivakant Dixit believes that the government had accepted the farmers' in words for this movement. On June 4, after the withdrawal of the movement, why started the battle on June 5? Shivakant Dixit does not take anyone's name and says that some people have tricked this movement.

More recently, some farmers of Tamil Nadu had performed on the Jantar-Mantar by adopting peculiar methods. Later, many pictures on social media became viral in which these farmers were doing their photo sessions. There was also discussion about the movement that it was inspired by politics. Even during those demonstrations, the farmers were shown up in low-lying and weak positions.

It is not that the farmer’s movement in India started only after independence, but the organized Kisan movement began to appear only after independence with political will. The first peasant movement of independence used to be a part of the war against the British. After Independence, political reasons behind the peasant movements have also become a major factor.

With different issues, farmers have made many violent movements in different parts of the country. In recent years, we remember the case of Jat Reservation and Nandigram and Singur, Bhatta Parsaul, Bundelkhand, Vidarbha. In all these cases, what impact did the situation of the farmers face?

Even after putting emphasis on your mind, nothing will come to your hands. The reason for this is that when farmers starts protesting on the road than nothing comes in hand except politics and this is exactly what is going to happen.

Suddenly a group of political leaders will start visiting the area and each will come up with their own suggestion against the government and farmers.

This is the noblest factor in our country that India is an agricultural country. What is it that the country in which the priority is, the same is standing on marginalization. It is not that farmers' problems are not reasonable.

Hardly anyone will deny that the farmer’s demands are not legitimate; indeed the farmers should also be benefited. But the farmers also have to understand that if politicization of their problems starts, then they might never ever solve their problems. The political parties present in the opposition were also in power. The farmers' agitation had taken place in their time. The result is that even today, farmers have to do the agitation.

For the last 15 years in Madhya Pradesh BJP has the government. During the UPA 2 government, Shivraj Singh was also given the highest grain production award. This terrible situation has been created for the first time. The state government is accusing opposition parties of provoking the movement. The common mentality of people is that whoever has the power in the government they are mainly ruing the people. But among all these things farmers will have to work with understanding that they will not become a puppet in the hands of opposition.