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Army demands defense budget for Rs 27 lakh crore to tackle China-Pakistan

New Delhi: Finally the Indian army is gearing up to fight with Pakistan and china if required in future. As border dispute with China and Pakistan continuous threaten, India is not taking this lightly. The Indian Army has demanded more defense budget for the next five years, mainly emphasizing on modernization of weapons.

According to sources, the defense budget has been fixed by the Army for about 27 lakh crore by 2017-2022. Central Defense Ministry sources said that about Rs 26,83,924 crore can be spent on the 13th Plan. It was mentioned in the conference on 11 July, where the central government officials including the Defense Minister Arun Jaitley and the stakeholders were also present.

It is being said that the Armed Forces insisted on early approval of the 13th Plan, because their annual acquisition plans are based on this. Indeed, India and Bhutan are having a dispute with China on the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet Tri-Partition. At the same time, India is continuously arguing over the border, and so India started to emphasize modernization of its army.

Union Defense Minister Arun Jaitley addressed this conference and assured the Army that modernization of the army is necessary. But it is also true that due to the fall in the actual annual defense budget, the modernization budget has been suspended and this means that the army, navy and Indian Air Force are still struggling with significant operational deficit.

Apart from this, the defense budget of Rs 2.74 lakh crore is 1.56% of the estimated gross domestic product, which is the lowest figure since China's 1962 war with China. One source told that they want to accelerate the defense budget so that the figure can reach at least 2% of the GDP.