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Arvind Kejriwal apologized to the defamation case - misinformed by colleagues

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has withdrawn Monday (August 21) and apologized in a case of defamation. He has apologized to the Haryana Congress leader and former MP Avtar Singh Bhadana in the Delhi High Court. In fact, Congress leader Avtar Singh Bhadana filed a defamation case against CM Kejriwal in Delhi's Patiala House Court and demanded compensation of one crore rupees.

However, after facing allegations, Kejriwal, who is facing legal difficulties, has apologized to him in writing. In the meantime, Kejriwal argued in the court that he had made these statements after being misinformed by his colleague. He used such words against the Congress leader when he came in the backing of his associates.

Earliar the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal have made an outrageous statement against former Lok Sabha MP Avtar Singh Bhadana in January 31, 2014. Then Kejriwal said that Avar was one of the most corrupt people in the country. During that time, he said that Kejriwal's statement has hurt his social reputation. After this he had sent a notice to Kejriwal and asked for notification.

Also for information, the Union Minister Arun Jaitley has also filed a defamation case against Kejriwal. Jaitley had defamed the case of defamation in December 2015, including Arvind Kejriwal and Raghav Chadha. Jaitley filed a defamation case against Kejriwal's statement in which you had accused Jaitley of many financial disturbances in the 13 year tenure of the President of the Delhi District Cricket Association. However, during the hearing of the case in the past, the Union Minister had filed a lawsuit against Kejriwal for defamation, a defamation case of Rs 10 crore. According to the news, during the hearing of the case, Kejriwal's lawyer had addressed Jaitley as a scoundrel.