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Arvind Kejriwal does it again, spreads negativity to get votes in MCD polls

New Delhi: There are two types of people in life. One it the person who does some good and does his work to the best and try’s to achieve greatness in life and there is another set of people who pull someone down to climb up the ladder of success in life. The AAP party and the party supremo seems to follow one of this ladder.

One of Chief Minister Kejriwal’s latest tweets is a threat to parents that if they vote for the BJP and their child contracts dengue, then they should hold themselves responsible.

Indeed this is really funny to find a political party who has won with such a massive numbers in the Delhi election just a couple of year back. After two years of ruling over Delhi, why is there a need to scare the public like this? Can the MCD election be won on positives or will the AAP rely on promises?

Indeed it looks like the AAP supremo is not confidant enough to win the election. In the last three years, we have seen Modi raising the noble cause of cleanliness with good intentions.

The Shunglu Committee which has reviewed 404 files of the Delhi government and found irregularities. The Delhi Lt Governor has asked New Delhi chief secretary to recover Rs 97 crore from the Aam Aadmi Party, AAP party after the committee found out that certain ads were violations of Supreme Court of India guidelines. Right before a crucial election.

Only time will say how much have these incidents dented the party’s image of showing itself as fighting against corruption and nepotism?

The AAP has promised of a ‘dengue-free Delhi’ as a part of its manifesto. Just last year, in  2016, The city was crying under a major health crisis. There were over 1,000 cases reported of chikungunya and virtually at that time the entire Delhi cabinet was out of station. And there was not a single top level minister from the AAP party to take it’s responsibility. When the aam aadmi is dying in the capital, was is it correct to put the blame on the MCD or on Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Earliar Yogendra Yadav wrote to Kejriwal that "he betraying people’s trust in Delhi, I am compelled to say that due to your personal ego, self-obsession and lust for the chair, you have committed this crime.” Yadav even sought Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation “if the AAP fails to win 136 (50 per cent) seats” in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, MCD elections".