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Arvind Kejriwal’s Wife Sunita kejriwal advice of bad Oman to Kapil Mishra

New Delhi, Sunita kejriwal: It is said husband and wife often fight for each other, especially if any one of them is on trouble, the other will jump to protect the other.  Now Sunita kejriwal the wife of Arvind Kejriwal have come out to protect him against the huge allegation by Kapil Mishra.

Sunita Kejriwal who is quite active on twitter re-twitting AAP party has now twitted against former AAP party member saying “Law of Nature never errs. Seeds of vishwasghat, jhoote aarop sown, so shall he@KapilMishraAAP reap. Inevitable”.

Kapil Mishra replied to the tweet immediately "Sunita Kejriwal is a devoted wife. She does not have any idea what kind of conspiracies are being hatched in her house. She is observing her dharma,"