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indian rape victim, the real victim statement,

got out from the mall, waited for auto, took auto to certain distance, got the bus having some other passengers, got comments from the persons in the bus, had scuffle, then mercilessly attacked, abused, assaulted, took all the belongings and clothes even, thrown on the road, tried to kill and finally left.

From Mall To bus

We got out from the mall, waited for some autos. Could not get autos as most of the autowalas not willing to go to the desired location or bargaining for more money, finally got a auto without meter to white line(Delhi), from where we were lured into the bus.

Into the bus ride

We were in the bus for nearly two and half hours, there we curtains in the bus, they switched off the light, Then they had a quarrel and fight with me, there were 6 people in the bus, one by one all came for fight with me, they hit me with a rod, I was unconscious, they did the best inhuman in them and finally threw us on the rod without clothes and retried to kill us.

"I can't tell you how brutal it was. I can only say that things like this can be done only to someone who is dead. How can someone assault a person in the matter they did when there's still life left in the person?

PCR vans arrival

We were on the road for nearly around 20-30 min before the PCR vans arrived, onlookers were slowing down, watching and passing by feeling something has happened, no one even bothered to help us a support or even cloth to cover us in the chilling cold of Delhi that night.

"The three PCR vans which reached us and saw us - like the many people who were just standing there. But they kept fighting over jurisdiction. We reached the hospital two and a half hours later and no one even offered us a blanket" .

"I had to stay and sleep at the Vasant Vihar Police Station for four days on a stretcher. They didn't think I needed any medical help or attention even though I had a fracture."

Overall failure

While the police, he claimed, wanted a pat on the back for doing their job, the government seemed to have been acting as per a script.

"If she had been admitted to a 'good' hospital from the start, she would have survived. There was always some kind of pressure," he said.

"She had given her statement in so much pain - the first time her statement had been recorded by the woman magistrate. The next morning the magistrate got her statement discredited."

Change needed

The police, he said, need to be sensitized, especially when it comes to the common man.

"Despite all the outrage, nothing seems to have changed. Such cases keep getting reported on a daily basis." we need to change the current system

He added, "The reason why protesters acted the way they did was because they felt that had the rage and aggression not been there, they wouldn't have been heard," he said he believed.

"The only change that I want is that, I think she would have wanted is that the next time you see someone who needs your help - please step forward and do so. Help them. If someone had helped us that night, she might have still been alive."