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Azam Khan agrees Muslim deliver more child, answer disappointing

Uttar Pradesh, Kannauj: Addressing a rally at Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, Azam Khan in order to get the vote of the Muslim community gave the reason why the Muslims Produce more children’s.

As per Azam Khan Muslims produce more children’s as they are unemployed and they do not have any work and if this people from the Minority community gets work and job they will not do so and produce less children.

Indirectly Azam khan do accepted the rise of Muslim population in India and their backwardness created over period on time.

As per Azam Khan Hindus don’t deliver more kids as they are employed and Hindus have learnt to deliver more children’s from Muslims.

Azam Khan said this in response to BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj’s statement who had said earlier that Muslims population is on rise.

Samajwadi Part supported to this idea that if seeking Muslim vote then what is wrong.

Some Facts about Muslim Population:

  1. As per 2011 Consensus the Muslims population is around 14.2 % of the total population
  2. Total Muslim Population is 17.22 crore.
  3. Jammu and Kasmir has the most Muslim Population.
  4. Assam has 34.2% Muslim population.
  5. West Bengal has 27% Muslim Population