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Baitkhol post office of karwar postmaster dumps people with 50 lakh, absconding

Karnataka: A postmaster in Karnataka has reportedly been absconding and it is being said that he has duped people with more than Rs 50 Lakhs. According to the news, about 300 people had invested in post offices of post office in the Baitkhol post office of karwar, the postmaster have taken all the money and has been absconding from the area.

After the incident on Saturday (June 25, 2017), investors demanded immediate refund of money by performing demonstration outside the post office. After the incident, an investor told that post master Laxman Govind Naik was working in the local post office for some 22 years. He had very good behavior with the people. That's why we invested so much money by trusting him.

A local citizen said, "People had invested money in different post office schemes. Most of the investors include Fisher Woman and the working class. Most of them are either less educated or not literate at all. Fisher Woman Laxmi, who lost two lakh rupees, said, "Many women like us had made a lifetime of investment. We were assured that investing in government institutions will save money completely. But by cheating the postmaster ran away with all the money. Now who will refund our money? '

People told that when they used to deposit money in the post office, then post master Laxman took money from them and said that he would deposit the money for them, so they did not need to go to the post office. During this time he would fills us the form and takes our signature. The post office passbook would show a written handwritten passbook on demand. According to the investments, he has asked for a real passbook from him many times, but he kept avoiding it every time. But now everything is clear that we have been cheated. An elderly woman who invested in the post office scheme said, "I have given five lakhs rupees in the last ten years to the postmaster. But when checked my account I could only see 50 Rs.

Senior post office officials said that soon the investors will get back their money.

People believe in government banks and post office for saving their money. What has happened in Baitkhol if it comes out to be true, people will definitely loose the credibility in government institutions like postoffice as well, said a investor in Baitkhol.