Image source Bangalore Mirror
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Bengaluru New Year 2017 Shame: woman’s molested at MG and Brigade Road

Bengaluru, Girls Molested: In what can be called as a real shame for Bengaluru. It has proved that as far as safety of women's is concerned Bengaluru is not far from Delhi, women were molested in the Heart of the City.

On the Eve of the New Year 2017, thousand of Girls and Boys of different age group gathered at MG Road and Brigade Road. This is a common Place where every year the youngsters gather to welcome the New Year. However this time it was really bad and shame for the bangaloreans. In the Heart of the City Anarchy came to life at around 11 PM at night on the 31st of December at MG Road and Brigade Road.

In spite of heavy presence of police and security arrangements, women’s, young girls were molested while their friends and relatives had a tough time protecting them from unruly men.

People were allowed to party on the MG Road roads till 1:30 AM and hotels and pubs were open till 2 AM. When women were leaving the pubs they were met with drunken people who tried to molest and accost them.

The situation got bad on the Brigade Road that the police had no other option but to resort to a lathi charge to get things under control.