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Beware life impressment for killing cow & ban on transporting cow at night

New Delhi: The Gujarat government has implemented the most stringent law against cow slaughter in the state. After the implementation of this law, guilty of cow slaughter in the state will be punished with maximum life imprisonment. The Gujarat state government passed the Gujarat Animal Conservation (Amendment) Bill in 2017 in the House. It was later sent to the governor for approval. Under this new law, implemented in Gujarat, the sentence of 7 years has been made up to 14 years.

Although the provision of the sentence for seven years has not been removed. In the new law, if a person is convicted of killing/slaughtering a cow then there is also heavy penalty. The convict may have to pay a fine of up to five lakh rupees.

According to sources, this new law is being seen as appealing to please the right wing community and strengthening Hindu votes before the 2017 assembly elections. In this matter, Minister of State for Home Pradeep Singh Jadeja says that we had not implemented the law first. But now the law has been formally implemented by making rules. Jadeja further said that now the accused in trying for cow slaughter in the state can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

He further said that in this case we will not tolerate the negligence of any policeman of the state. He said that we have conveyed cow slaughter will be considered as killing another human being

For information, let us know that in the new law, the provision of punishment has been increased from seven years to ten years after being caught illegally by smuggling cows  and with the intention of killing. Currently, the punishment is three to seven years. In this case, the penalty amount has been increased from 50 thousand to 11 lakh. The provision of restricting the vehicle to another illegal vehicle was also placed in this bill.

Earlier, the police had to leave the seized vehicle after six months after the FIR was lodged. On the other hand, the ban was imposed on the cow while in the state.