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Bipin Rawat says, People in Kashmir are throwing stones petrol bombs at us

New Delhi: Army Chief Bipin Rawat has defended the incident of attaching Kashmiri youth to the army jeep to deal with the stone-bearers in the Kashmir valley. He defended the use of the Kashmiri person as a human shield by Major Gogoi and said that the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir is facing disgusting war, which is a new. Need to fight.

Bipin Rawat said that the main objective of honoring Major Litul Gogoi was to increase the morale of young officers in the force who work under very difficult circumstances in the affected state of terrorism.

Along with this, he has stressed the concrete solution of the Kashmir issue, taking everyone together.

In a conversation with the news agency PTI, he said that soldiers have to make new methods to deal with 'Dirty War' in Kashmir. He said, 'People are throwing stones at us and throwing petrol bombs, so I cannot say my people to just see and die.

Regarding the ongoing protests and stone pelting in the Kashmir Valley, the Army Chief said, "I would have been happy if the demonstrators were firing firearms instead of throwing stones." With this he said that there is a need for a concrete solution to the Kashmir issue and everyone has to be included in it.

t is worth mentioning that a video was found viral on social media last month, in which the army seemed to be carrying a Kashmiri jeep. Maj Litul Gogoi, who was tied on the Jeep in this way, was awarded last days, on which the separatist leaders and some political parties of the Valley gave a sharp reaction.

 However, Gogoi told the whole incident that he had been raised to save the lives of locals. According to him, if he ordered firing to remove the violent crowd, then there would be at least 12 people dead.