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BANGALORE, malleshwaram 10:45 am: �Early morning was very painful for bangalore, as it had to face the trauma of bomb blast. As per the reocrd, 16 people have been injured in a bomb blast near BJP office. The injured include 8 cops and two teenage girls, according to TV reports

It has come to our knowledge that the bomb was attached on a motorbike.

As per the media reports, the suzuki bike was surrounded by omni and a santro.  When the bomb blasted, it all the vechicles around it caught fire. We could barely see the skeleton of the cars. The explosion was huge.

Initially it was assumed that the incidenc has occured due to LPG cylinder placed in the car, but after inspection, it was ruled out.

Now, it has is clear that 2 kgs of explosives were used to explorde the bomb. Improvised Explosive devices(IED) was used to operate this task.

Union Home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has said the Centre will begin an inquiry into the incident. When asked if this could be described as a terror attack, he said that would be known only "after the probe was completed." However, this can be confirmed only after investigations, he added.

Karnataka's Home Minister R Ashok has described the blast as "terrorist activity" and said BJP workers were the target.

A team from the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which has expertise in handling terror attacks, is inspecting the site. A team from the National Security Guard's (NSG) bomb data squad is also at the site.