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Boycott India vs Pakistan 4th June Champions Trophy Match

Champions Trophy – “Sachin is God and Cricket is the biggest festival in India.” This is the overall picture of Cricket in India. If cricket match is being played between India and Pakistan then the picture takes form of Film and ending often turns violent for the side who loses the match. Commercially, BCCI ( Board of Control for Cricket in India) is richest cricket board in the world. As per financial express, BCCI had profits of 928% in year by the end of march 2016.

We are giving these statistics so that our readers can realize how powerful our BCCI is and why it needs not to play with Pakistan. I would like to bring my view in points –

  1. Each day we hear our soldiers getting martyred in Kashmir. Violence and killings has become normal part of our life. Why do we need entertainment in the name of Cricket among two enemies?
  2. India might be the first nation in the world which respects its neighbours even though the neighbour is continuously humiliating it. I agree that we Indian follow principles of Mahatma Gandhi. But there is always limit of pain. And beyond this pain things should stop.
  3. India is supposed to play with Pakistan on 4th June 2017, but the word play does not suit this kind of game. We can say that India and Pakistan will fight on 4th June and people from both the nations will try to proof who is best fighter among them the next day we will hear a lot of uproar about accidents, deaths and harm to public property due to the loss of losing team. Why do we need such entertainment which is never played with intention of sportsmanship?
  4. BCCI is very rich in terms of revenues. Even if it refuses to play this match, they might face some fine which should not matter it more. The points might go to Pakistan but in this way we can proudly say that we Indians respect our soldiers on border and for their sake we can’t shake our hands with people who murder our brothers.
  5. Some people might also think that Indians and Pakistani are brothers and playing cricket is the only way to improve relationship with them. FYI - Working People of Pakistan and India are very good but the issue is with the politicians. When Prime Minister Modi visited Pakistan, to attend the marriage ceremony (on invitation of Pakistan PM Nawaj Shareef) whole world thought that both countries relation might improve. But things became worse. Politicians from Pakistan never want this issue to die. As an Indian, I feel that we should cut all types of relationship with Pakistan unless and until militancy is stopped.
  6. Boycott match with Pakistan on 4th June, if you really feel your national prestige is more important than entertainment.