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Boycottdangal (Boycott Dangal) trending and viral on twitter

Twitter, Boycott Dangal: Despite Dangal receiving mouth to mouth publicity and getting praise from all rounds, there is a, dark side of the news running on the twitter.  There is a section of Twitterati which has been running constantly in support for the Boycott Dangal.

Aamir khan and his four daughter’s and his wife has been getting all round praise, especially for the small and remembering dialogue from the movie.

But still a large number of people are unwilling to forgive the Dangal Actor for his intolerance statement, and they are openly opposing the movie boycott.

A large mass of audience still have not forgotten him for his statement over 'intolerance' and that's why they are urging others to boycott the movie.

#BoycottDangal is trending on the social media.